Tournament Rules

Byron Bay 7’s 15th & 16th October 2022


We allow up to 14 players to participate per team.

A Team Sheet must be supplied to Tournament Director Matt Barlow before the first match of the tournament for each team. Either email it to or hand it to Matt at the organiser’s tent on Saturday morning.

Rule 1

The tournament will be played under the rules of and in accordance to the World Rugby Bye Laws, Regulations and Laws of the Game of Rugby Union, with variations under the standard set of laws regarding 7’s rugby ( and as adapted hereunder

Rule 2

The 48 men’s teams are grouped into Competitive Men’s and Social Men’s. The Men’s social division has eight pools of four teams, and the Men’s competitive division has 4 pools of four teams each. The 16 women’s teams are grouped into 4 pools of four.

Rule 3

Play will commence with the teams in each pool.

Rule 4

In each pool, three points will be awarded for a win, two points for a draw and one point for a loss. No points will be awarded for a forfeiting team. No extra time to determine the winner will be played in pool games.

Rule 5

On completion of the men’s pool games there will be four knockout competitions; the first called the Bowl Championship, the second called the Plate Championship which are from the competitive division, the third called the Cup Championship and the fourth called the Saucer Championship, both being in the social competition.

Rule 6

The top 2 teams in each competitive pool will go forward into the quarterfinals of the Bowl Championship. The teams placed 3rd and 4th will take part in the Plate Championships.

Rule 7

The social competition will include the Cup and Saucer Championships in a similar format as above. The Social competition will take the winner of each pool and the 2 next best placed teams (based on for/against) into the Cup Quarter Finals. The other 4 second placed teams and the next best 4 3rd placed teams will make up the Saucer Quarter Finals.

Rule 8

The women’s competition will run with the top 2 teams in each pool contesting the Bowl Quarter Finals and the bottom 2 teams in each pool contesting the Plate Quarter Finals.

Rule 9

At the end of the pool games if two or more teams in any pool have the same number of points awarded to them under rule 4 the winner shall be decided by:

  • The winner of the match between the two teams in the rounds
  • The team with the better points differential overall
  • Coin toss

Rule 10

The Draw for the quarterfinals in all grades will be decided by a pre-determined draw structure.

Rule 11

The winning team in the quarterfinal and semi-finals will go forward to the next round

Rule 12

In the case of a tie in any of the games in the Bowl, Plate, Cup or Saucer Championships, then extra time will be in periods of five minutes when teams will change ends without an interval. Kick off by coin toss – Golden Point.

Rule 13

The duration of all games except the finals will be seven minutes each way, with a one minute interval

Rule 14

The duration of the Bowl Finals will be 7 minutes each way with a two minute interval

Rule 15

A team may change its players at any time during the game with acknowledgement of the referee. Unlimited interchange must be made within ten metres of the half-way line. Unlimited interchange is allowed between any of 14 nominated players listed on registration sheet. 14 players must be identified to the officials and remain in designated area. The registration sheet is to be completed and handed to tournament control prior to the team’s first game of the tournament.

Rule 16

A team which can field only seven or less than seven players because of injuries may borrow players or reserves from other team which have played in the lower level competition and which have already been eliminated from the Tournament. A team, which borrows players and uses him/her as a replacement must retain that player in the squad for the rest of the Tournament. A team, which borrows a player or players, must take the field with all their own available and uninjured players before using the replacement players. This needs to be communicated to the tournament director.

Rule 17

Organisers of the Tournament must be notified of all replacement players.

Rule 18

All kick offs will be drop kicks.

Rule 19

A Player sent off by a referee. Refer to Appendix No 1

Rule 20

Touch judges will be supplied throughout the competition.

Rule 21

The rules of the Tournament, including their interpretation and any additional Rules, are matters solely for the organisers of the Byron Bay Rugby Sevens Tournament, whose decisions will be final.

Rules updated: 2 May, 2022

Appendix No 1

Players ordered off the field of play by the appointed referee for misconduct

If a player is temporarily suspended (yellow carded) by the referee he/she must proceed immediately to the match official located at the halfway line. They must remain there for a period of two (2) minutes of playing time. The two minute period will not commence until the offending player has reached the designated seat provided. The temporary suspension time will be managed by the official’s desk where a number 4 or number 5 referee has not been appointed. Only the referee may authorise a return to play after a “sin-bin” period, and then at the next stoppage of play. (Note – a penalty awarded is not a stoppage)

Any player who receives 3 yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended for one Game. Yellow card status resets after one (1) match suspension.
Any player sent from the field, will not be permitted to play again until the matter has been dealt with, in accordance with the applicable Tournament Disciplinary rules

Judicial Team

All proceedings will be based on Rugby Australia Disciplinary Rules 2021.


Any team found to be in breach of the above regulations, will be automatically disqualified further participation in the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.