Tournament Rules


We allow up to 14 players to participate per team. In the Men’s Prem., Womens and Social Men’s you will have unlimited player movement at game stoppages. (Not on Penalties).

A Team Sheet must be supplied to Tournament Director, Michael Doyle by COB Friday 13th October.

Emailing it to as soon as possible.

Download Team Sheet PDF or Download Team Sheet Word Doc

Rule 1

The tournament will be played under the rules of and in accordance to the World Rugby Bye Laws, Regulations and Laws of the Game of Rugby Union, with variations under the standard set of laws regarding 7’s rugby ( and as adapted hereunder

Rule 2

The Draw will be supplied as early as possible and as usual it will be in Draft with a version number on it. ( Ie. Draft Men’s Social Draw BB7’s v1 ) So as we settle on the final draw, we will send a document with ‘Final Draw 2023’ on it.

Rule 3

Play will commence with the team allocated into pools.

Rule 4

In each pool, Four points will be awarded for a win, two points for a draw and one point for a loss. No points will be awarded for a forfeiting team and will be entered as a 20 – 0 win for the team that is not forfeiting. No extra time to determine the winner will be played in any pool games.

Rule 5

At the end of the pool games, progression in the tournament will be determined by ranking all teams across pools. Teams will be ranked by if they come first in their pools, and then on competition points. Teams on equal competition points will be separated by:

i) For and against differential. If still tied;

ii) Points for. If still tied;

iii) The toss of a coin attended by the Coach or his/her nominee of each team.

  • In cases where the competition has unbalanced pools and teams require ranking for finals progression, results will be balanced before rankings are determined. This will be done by removing the worse result of the teams in the larger pool to make an even number of games across the Pools

Should this situation arise the teams will be explicitly reminded in the relevant             coaches/managers meeting

 5.2 Depending on the number of teams there will be up to four (4) or more finals competitions:

i) Division 1 Competition (Cup)

ii) Division 2 Competition (Bowl)

iii) Division 3 Competition (Plate)

iv) Division 4 Competition (Shield)

or their equivalent, determined by team numbers and what is needed. Round Robin series also can be used for final series.

Rule 6

Match Timings

“The referee is the sole judge of fact and of law during a match” therefore the referee’s whistle will signal the end of the game and the score at that moment will be recorded.  Each game of the Tournament will consist of  two halves  that  will  be of  (7) minutes duration  each,  with  not  more  than a one (1) minute interval  between  halves.

6.1 The Cup finals will be of same time of the round games.  That being (7) minutes duration each half, with not more than a one (1) minute interval between halves.

6.2 No injury time will be played in any match.

6.3 Team managers shall be responsible for getting their teams to the field of play prior to the scheduled kick – off time.  A five (5) minute grace period  for  late  arrivals  will  be permitted  at  the discretion  of  Tournament  officials.  If, after this  time  has  elapsed,  the opposition  still has not  reached  the  field  of  play,  then  the  team  on  the  field  ready  for play will receive a walkover score line for that round. (A walkover will carry a 20 – 0 score line against the offending team).  Team officials are asked to continually check the kick off time of their next game, as Tournament’s can change timings due to unforeseen events.

 6.4 In the event of a draw in any final match, (except the Cup finals, see 9.5), the result will be determined by team rankings with the highest-ranking team declared winner of the match. Teams on equal competition points will be separated by:

  1. i) For and against differential. If still tied;
  2. ii) Points for. If still tied;

iii) The toss of a coin attended by the Coach or his/her nominee of each team.

6.5 Should scores be equal at the conclusion of normal time in the Cup Finals only then extra time shall be played after a one-minute break. Before extra time starts, the referee will organise a coin toss.  Play will then continue for further periods of five (5) minutes, with the teams alternating ends until the first team scores.  There will be no intervals between the additional periods and no team officials will be allowed on the field of play.

Rule 7

Unlimited interchange is allowed between any of 14 nominated players listed on registration sheet. To be discussed

Rule 8

A team which can field only seven or less than seven players because of injuries may borrow players or reserves from other team which have played in the lower level competition and which have already been eliminated from the Tournament. A team, which borrows players and uses him/her as a replacement must retain that player in the squad for the rest of the Tournament. A team, which borrows a player or players, must take the field with all their own available and uninjured players before using the replacement players. This MUST be communicated to the Tournament Director and have him approve it.

Rule 9

Tournament Director must be notified of all replacement players.

Rule 10

All kick offs will be drop kicks. All kicks at goals will use a team member from the kickers team (not the kicker) to collect the ball after the kick and return it to the halfway. The referee, if possible, will get the kicks to be taken in the in goal and kicked back onto the field.

Rule 11

A Player sent off by a referee. Refer to Appendix No 1

Rule 12

Touch judges will be supplied throughout the competition where possible. If this does not occur the teams playing may be asked to supply one each.

Rule 13

The rules of the Tournament, including their interpretation and any additional Rules, are matters solely for the Tournament Director whose decisions will be final.

Rule 14

Technical Area / Water Carriers Protocol

Dimensions of the Technical Zone

  1. Two technical zones shall be provided within the playing enclosure on the same side of the pitch, each one on either side of the half-way line and outside the field of play.
  2. These technical zones should be marked on the ground. If not possible, the technical zones should be roped or marked by cones.
  3. The line nearest the touch line must be parallel to the touch line.

Personnel Permitted in the Technical Zone

  1. Coaches (2 Max), Manager (1 Max) and reserve players are allowed in Technical zones. During pool games the ‘13th’ player will be bibbed and permitted to be a water runner.

Roles of Personnel in the Technical Zone

  1. There can only be two water carries from each team coming from above permitted personnel. They must wear bibs provided by NSWRU. The bibs must be left in the technical area after the game ends.
  2. Water may only be taken on the field during stoppages in play for injuries in the playing area and when a try has been scored.
  3. The two water carriers are not permitted in the playing area during penalty kicks at goal.
  4. The water carriers must remain in the technical zone at all times unless they enter the playing area to provide water at the correct time.
  5. Players may come to the touch line adjacent to the technical zone to receive water.
  6. Water bottles must not be thrown on the field of play.

Rule 15

Foul Play

If a player is sent off (red carded) during a game, he/she cannot be replaced and will not be permitted to play again in the Tournament until he/she has appeared before the Tournament’s disciplinary committee and served any suspension they impose. The team’s squad shall be reduced in number accordingly for the remainder of the tournament.

15.1 The Tournament Director will appoint the Tournament’s disciplinary committee and schedule hearings as soon as practicable. The Tournament Director can at his discretion refer the hearing to the player’s home union.

15.2 Any appeal of the decision of the disciplinary committee will  be required in writing within 24 hours of the incident to the Appeals Committee of the New South Wales Rugby Union. The Appeals Committee will not be convened until following the conclusion of the Championships.

15.3 If a player  is temporarily  suspended  (yellow  carded/sin  binned) by  the  referee  he/she must proceed  immediately  to  the  seat provided  at  the  half  way  line  in  front  of  the officials  desk.  They must remain there for two (2) minutes of playing time.

15.3.1 Any player who receives three yellow cards could be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. (If a player receives Three Yellow cards, the Tournament Manager will be notified immediately, and a procedure will start to investigate, and a determination will be given if time permits)

Rules updated: 29-09-23


Appendix No 1

Players ordered off the field of play by the appointed referee for misconduct

If a player is temporarily suspended (yellow carded) by the referee he/she must proceed immediately to the match official located at the halfway line. They must remain there for a period of two (2) minutes of playing time. The two minute period will not commence until the offending player has reached the designated seat provided. The temporary suspension time will be managed by the official’s desk where a number 4 or number 5 referee has not been appointed. Only the referee may authorise a return to play after a “sin-bin” period, and then at the next stoppage of play. (Note – a penalty awarded is not a stoppage)

Any player who receives 3 yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended for one Game. Yellow card status resets after one (1) match suspension.
Any player sent from the field, will not be permitted to play again until the matter has been dealt with, in accordance with the applicable Tournament Disciplinary rules

Judicial Team

All proceedings will be based on Rugby Australia Disciplinary Rules 2021.


Any team found to be in breach of the above regulations, will be automatically disqualified further participation in the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.