2022 Draws & Results

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Competitive Men’s Pools

Pool APool BPool C
Paladin All StarsWestern Sydney Two BluesBrisbane Fiji
Stag 7's Elite MenToyota Forklifts OutblacksWest Harbour Pirates
SouthsBond BullsharksUTS - Gordon 1
Casino All BlacksTahiCoastal Brothers

Competitive Men’s Draw & Results

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TimeTeam AResultTeam BFieldPool
10:00amPaladin All Stars10-17Stag 7's Elite MenField 1Pool A
10:20amSouths26-5Casino All BlacksField 1Pool A
10:40amWestern Sydney Two Blues48-0Toyota Forklifts OutblacksField 1Pool B
11:00amBond Bullsharks26-22TahiField 1Pool B
11:20amBrisbane Fiji17-10West Harbour PiratesField 1Pool C
11:40amUTS - Gordon 110-17Coastal BrothersField 1Pool C
12:40pmPaladin All Stars7-24SouthsField 1Pool A
1:00pmStag 7's Elite Men26-17Casino All BlacksField 1Pool A
1:20pmWestern Sydney Two Blues19-12Bond BullsharksField 1Pool B
1:40pmToyota Forklifts Outblacks5-31TahiField 1Pool B
2:00pmBrisbane Fiji35-0UTS - Gordon 1Field 1Pool C
2:20pmWest Harbour Pirates5-26Coastal BrothersField 1Pool C
3:40pmPaladin All Stars24-0Casino All BlacksField 1Pool A
4:00pmStag 7's Elite Men7-33SouthsField 1Pool A
4:20pmWestern Sydney Two Blues12-21TahiField 1Pool B
4:40pmToyota Forklifts Outblacks0-30Bond BullsharksField 1Pool B
5:00pmBrisbane Fiji12-5Coastal BrothersField 1Pool C
5:20pmWest Harbour Pirates12-31UTS - Gordon 1Field 1Pool C

Social Men’s Pools

Pool APool BPool CPool DPool EPool FPool GPool H
Gold Coast EaglesMoonshinersThe MOBByron Bay Sand CrabsBungendore MudchooksStag 7's SocialLismore WanderersKiller Whales
Sydney IrishTahi ColtsThe AardvarksKombuchamenBond PiratesBush RangersAlleygatorsThrashers
Bull RangersWest Harbour PiratesTintenbarbariansWilderpeopleBallina SeahorsesCasuarina BarbariansUTS Gordon 26PBC
Yeah the BoysDua Ga RugbyWest Pymble WombatsUQTrojansEasts TigersThe AxemenEasts Canberra

Social Men’s Draw & Results

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TimeTeam AResultTeam BFieldPool
8:00amLismore Wanderers7-19AlleygatorsField 1Pool G
8:00amKiller Whales5-24ThrashersField 2Pool H
8:00am6PBC17-0Easts CanberraField 3Pool H
8:20amUTS Gordon 231-5The AxemenField 1Pool G
8:20amMoonshiners5-31Tahi ColtsField 2Pool B
8:20amBallina Seahorses7-39TrojansField 3Pool E
8:40amGold Coast Eagles59-10Sydney IrishField 1Pool A
8:40amWest Harbour Pirates30-0Dua Ga RugbyField 2Pool B
8:40amBungendore Mudchooks12-12Bond PiratesField 3Pool E
9:00amBull Rangers12-31Yeah the BoysField 1Pool A
9:00amByron Bay Sand Crabs19-14KombuchamenField 2Pool D
9:00amStag 7's Social38-7Bush RangersField 3Pool F
9:20amThe MOB10-26The AardvarksField 1Pool C
9:20amWilderpeople7-52UQField 2Pool D
9:20amCasuarina Barbarians24-14East TigersField 3Pool F
10:20amTintenbarbarians12-33West Pymble WombatsField 2Pool C
11:00amGold Coast Eagles31-24Bull RangersField 2Pool A
11:00amByron Bay Sand Crabs15-26WilderpeopleField 3Pool D
11:20amSydney Irish12-33Yeah the BoysField 2Pool A
11:20amKombuchamen0-72UQField 3Pool D
11:40amMoonshiners42-5West Harbour PiratesField 2Pool B
11:40amBungendore Mudchooks34-15Ballina SeahorsesField 3Pool E
12:00pmKiller Whales7-336PBCField 1Pool H
12:00pmTahi Colts50-0Dua Ga RugbyField 2Pool B
12:00pmBond Pirates0-24TrojansField 3Pool E
12:20pmThrashers22-10Easts CanberraField 1Pool H
12:20pmThe MOB19-24TintenbarbariansField 2Pool C
12:20pmStag 7's Social17-15Casuarina BarbariansField 3Pool F
12:40pmThe Aardvarks3-22West Pymble WombatsField 2Pool C
12:40pmBush Rangers19-31Easts TigersField 3Pool F
1:00pmLismore Wanderers5-19UTS Gordon 2Field 2Pool G
1:00pmAlleygators48-12The AxemenField 3Pool G
2:40pmMoonshiners30-0Dua Ga RugbyField 1Pool B
2:40pmGold Coast Eagles17-14Yeah the BoysField 2Pool A
2:40pmByron Bay Sand Crabs0-37UQField 3Pool D
3:00pmTahi Colts31-0West Harbour PiratesField 1Pool B
3:00pmSydney Irish20-25Bull RangersField 2Pool A
3:00pmKombuchamen12-19WilderpeopleField 3Pool D
3:20pmBush Rangers5-27Casuarina BarbariansField 1Pool F
3:20pmLismore Wanderers29-7The AxemenField 2Pool G
3:20pmBungendore Mudchooks10-39TrojansField 3Pool E
3:40pmAlleygators24-31UTS Gordon 2Field 2Pool G
3:40pmBond Pirates12-10Ballina SeahorsesField 3Pool E
4:00pmThe MOB17-36West Pymble WombatsField 2Pool C
4:00pmStag 7's Social21-15Easts TigersField 3Pool F
4:20pmThe Aardvarks12-22TintenbarbariansField 2Pool C
4:20pmKiller Whales30-7Easts CanberraField 3Pool H
4:40pmThrashers0-346PBCField 3Pool H

Women’s Pools

Pool APool BPool CPool D
Nambour ToadsBond BullsharksSouthsStag 7's Women
Byron Bay BulletsFlamin GalahsRenegades Womens 7'sNoosa Dolphins
The Seven SistersTBC - vacantBrisbane FijiQPIIM
UNSW RugbyRichmond RangeEast TigersUTS Gordon Women

Women’s Competition Draw & Results

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TimeTeam AResultTeam BFieldPool
9:40amNambour Toads51-0Byron Bay BulletsField 2Pool A
9:40amSouths0-46Renegades Womens 7'sField 3Pool C
10:00amThe Seven Sisters24-14UNSW RugbyField 2Pool A
10:00amBrisbane Fiji21-26East TigersField 3Pool C
9:40amBond Bullsharks5-15Flamin GalahsField 1Pool B
10:20amStag 7's Women24-10Noosa DolphinsField 3Pool D
10:40amBond Bullsharks33-7Richmond RangeField 2Pool B
10:40amQPIIM45-0UTS Gordon WomenField 3Pool D
1:20pmNambour Toads29-5The Seven SistersField 2Pool A
1:20pmSouths10-29Brisbane FijiField 3Pool C
1:40pmByron Bay Bullets22-7UNSW RugbyField 2Pool A
1:40pmRenegades Womens 7's19-10East TigersField 3Pool C
2:00pmRichmond Range0-51Flamin GalahsField 2Pool B
2:00pmStag 7's Women0-31QPIIMField 3Pool D
2:20pmField 2
2:20pmNoosa Dolphins24-24UTS Gordon WomenField 3Pool D
4:40pmNambour Toads32-0UNSW RugbyField 2Pool A
5:00pmByron Bay Bullets5-26The Seven SistersField 2Pool A
5:00pmSouths0-24East TigersField 3Pool C
5:20pmField 2
5:20pmRenegades Womens 7's12-26Brisbane FijiField 3Pool C
5:40pmNoosa Dolphins0-45QPIIMField 1Pool D
5:40pmField 2
5:40pmStag 7's Women26-24UTS Gordon WomenField 3Pool D

Finals Draw & Results

Sunday 16 October

Here is the full schedule of matches for all competitions.


CM – Competitive Men’s
SM – Social Men’s
W – Women’s

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TimeMatchTeam AResultTeam BField
9:30amCompetitive Mens Quarter FinalTahi17-7Coastal BrothersField 1
9:30amWomens 2 Quarter FinalByron Bay Bullets30-0ByeField 2
9:30amWomens 1 Quarter FinalNambour Toads20-0Bond BullsharksField 3
9:50amCompetitive Mens Quarter FinalWest Sydney Two Blues24-19Stag 7's EliteField 1
9:50amWomens 2 Quarter FinalRichmond Range12-5UNSW RugbyField 2
9:50amWomens 1 Quarter FinalThe Seven Sisters0-30Flamin GalahsField 3
10:10amCompetitive Mens Quarter FinalBrisbane Fiji24-19Bond BullsharksField 1
10:10amWomens 2 Quarter FinalEasts Tigers50-7Noosa DolphinsField 2
10:10amWomens 1 Quarter FinalRenegades Women21-12Stag 7's WomenField 3
10:30amCompetitive Mens Quarter FinalSouths12-10UTS Gordon 1Field 1
10:30amWomens 2 Quarter FinalsUTS Gordon Women21-19Souths WomenField 2
10:30amWomens 1 Quarter FinalBrisbane Fiji Women10-12QPIIMField 3
10:50amSocial Mens 4 Quarter FinalBungedore Mudchooks12-21Casuarina BarbariansField 1
10:50amSocial Mens 4 Quarter FinalYeah The Boys14-19MoonshinersField 2
10:50amSocial Mens 4 Quarter FinalTintenbarbarians24-10WilderpeopleField 3
11:10amSocial Mens 4 Quarter FinalAlleygators41-12ThrashersField 1
11:10amSocial Mens 3 Quarter FinalGold Coast Eagles0-46Tahi ColtsField 2
11:10amSocial Mens 3 Quarter FinalWest Pymble Wombats0-49UQField 3
11:30amCompetitive Mens 2 Semi FinalStag 7's Elite0-43Bond BullsharksField 1
11:30amSocial Mens 3 Quarter FinalTrojans24-20Stag 7's SocialField 2
11:30amSocial Mens 3 Quarter FinalUTS Gordon 221-06PBCField 3
11:50amCompetitive Mens 2 Semi FinalCoastal Brothers5-19SouthsField 1
11:50amWomens 2 Semi FinalByron Bay Bullets0-30East TigersField 2
11:50amWomens 1 Semi FinalNambour Toads21-29Renegades 7sField 3
12:10pmCompetitive Mens 1 Semi FinalWestern Sydney Two Blues24-15Brisbane FijiField 1
12:10pmWomens 2 Semi FinalRichmond Range0-30UTS GordonField 2
12:10pmWomens 1 Semi FinalFlamin Galahs5-36QPIIMField 3
12:30pmCompetitive Mens 1 Semi FinalTahi17-10UTS Gordon 1Field 1
12:30pmSocial Mens 4 Semi FinalCasuarina Barbarians14-10MoonshinersField 2
12:30pmSocial Mens 4 Semi FinalTintenbarbarians5-14AlleygatorsField 3
12:50pmNoveltyTHE MOB5-5THE BAYField 1
12:50pmSocial Mens 3 SF1Tahi Colts20-10TrojansField 2
12:50pmSocial Mens 3 SF2UQ19-24UTS GordonField 3
1:10pmSocial Mens 4 FINALCasuarina Barbarians12-31AlleygatorsField 1
1:30pmWomens 2 FINALEast Tigers34-10UTS GordonField 1
1:50pmCompetitive Mens 1 3rd/4th PLAYOFFBrisbane Fiji3-2UTS Gordon 1Field 1
2:10pmSocial Mens 3 FINALTahi Colts7-22UTS Gordon 2Field 1
2:30pmCompetitive Mens 2 FINALBond Bullsharks41-0SouthsField 1
2:50pmWomens 1 FINALRenegades5-31QPIIMField 1
3:10pmCompetitive Mens 1 FINALWestern Sydney Two Blues24-7TahiField 1
3:30pmPresentationsField 1