2023 Draws & Results

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Premiership Men’s Pools

Pool APool B
UQ EliteGPS Open Mens
Tahi Wests Bulldogs
Kings CollegeBriars
Souths MagpiesBond Uni
Brisbane FijiEasts Tigers

Premiership Men’s Draw & Results

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DayTimeTeam 1ResultTeam 2Field Type
Day One12:00 pmUQ Elite22 - 5Kings CollegeField 1Pool A
Day One12:20 pmTahi26 - 14Brisbane FijiField 1Pool A
Day One12:40 pmBriars21 - 12GPS Open MensField 1Pool B
Day One1:00 pmBond Uni31 - 0Easts TigersField 1Pool B
Day One2:40 pmUQ Elite21 - 17Brisbane FijiField 1Pool A
Day One3:00 pmKings College5 - 27Souths MagpiesField 1Pool A
Day One3:20 pmBriars31 - 7Easts TigersField 1Pool B
Day One3:40 pmGPS Open Mens5 - 31Wests BulldogsField 1Pool B
Day One5:20 pmSouths Magpies 12 - 24Brisbane FijiField 1Pool A
Day One5:40 pmUQ Elite7 - 19Tahi Field 1Pool A
Day One6:00 pmWests Bulldogs22 - 12Easts Tigers Field 1Pool B
Day One6:20 pmBriars 0-28Bond Uni Field 1Pool B
Day Two9:00 amTahi 17-15Souths Magpies Field 1Pool A
Day Two9:00 amBond Uni 21-12Wests BulldogsField 2Pool B
Day Two9:20 amBrisbane Fiji20-0 (forfeit)Kings CollegeField 1Pool A
Day Two9:20 amEasts Tigers 5-24GPS Open Mens Field 2Pool B
Day Two11:00 amGPS Open Mens 5-29Bond Uni Field 1Pool B
Day Two11:00 amKings College0-20Tahi Field 2Pool A
Day Two11:20 amWests Bulldogs19-19Briars Field 1Pool B
Day Two11:20 amSouths Magpies 17-24UQ EliteField 2Pool A
Day Two12:20 pmGPS Open Mens21-17GPS Open MensField 11st Quarter Final Prem
Day Two12:20 pmUQ Elite19-26BriarsField 23rd Quarter Final Prem
Day Two12:40 pmBond Uni7-5South MagpiesField 12nd Quarter Final Prem
Day Two12:40 pmWest Bulldogs5-24Brisbane FijiField 24th Quarter Final Prem
Day Two1:40 pmTahi17-12BriarsField 1Prem Cup Semi Final 1
Day Two2:00 pmBond Uni12-26Brisbane FijiField 1Prem Cup Semi Final 2
Day Two3:00 pmBrisbane Fiji24-19TahiField 1Cup GRAND Final Prem.

Women’s Pools

Pool APool BPool CPool D
Byron Shire Rebels Flamin GalahsUQ6PBC Women's
Stag 7sTahiNambour RugbyWynnum Bugs
Loosey GooseyQPIIMUTS GordonBond Uni
6PBC Womens Social Nations 7sBriarsEasts Tigers
Sunnybank DragonsRichmond RangeWests BulldogsBond Pirates

Women’s Competition Draw & Results

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DayTimeTeam 1 ResultTeam 2Field Match Type
Day One8:00 amByron Shire Rebels32-06PBC Womens SocialField 1Pool A
Day One8:20 amStag 7s10-10All Thrown TogetherField 1Pool A
Day One8:40 amFlamin Galahs5-34Nations 7sField 1Pool B
Day One9:00 amTahi19-7QPIIMField 1Pool B
Day One9:20 amUQ26-17BriarsField 1Pool C
Day One9:40 amNambour Rugby7-22UTS GordonField 1Pool C
Day One10:00 am6PBC Women's64-10Easts TigersField 1Pool D
Day One10:20 amWynnum Bugs0-52Bond UniField 1Pool D
Day One10:40 amByron Shire Rebels0-15All Thrown TogetherField 2Pool A
Day One11:00 am6PBC Womens Social0-41Sunnybank DragonsField 2Pool A
Day One11:20 amFlamin Galahs21-5QPIIMField 2Pool B
Day One11:40 amNations 7s43-0Richmond RangeField 2Pool B
Day One12:00 pmUQ24-14UTS GordonField 2Pool C
Day One12:20 pmBriars22-5West BulldogsField 2Pool C
Day One12:40 pm6PBC Women's12-19Bond UniField 2Pool D
Day One1:00 pmEasts Tigers56-0Bond PiratesField 2Pool D
Day One1:20 pmSunnybank Dragons45-0All Thrown TogetherField 2Pool A
Day One1:40 pmByron Shire Rebels 0-31Stag 7sField 2Pool A
Day One2:00 pmRichmond Range0-41QPIIMField 2Pool B
Day One2:20 pmFlamin Galahs22-17TahiField 2Pool B
Day One2:40 pmWest Bulldogs12-12UTS GordonField 2Pool C
Day One3:00 pmUQ24-5Nambour RugbyField 2Pool C
Day One3:20 pmBond Pirates0-50Bond UniField 2Pool D
Day One3:40 pm6PBC Women's57-0Wynnum BugsField 2Pool D
Day One4:00 pmStag 7s0-49Sunnybank DragonsField 2Pool A
Day One4:20 pmAll Thrown Together7-106PBC Womens Social Field 2Pool A
Day One4:40 pmTahi55-0Richmond RangeField 2Pool B
Day One5:00 pmBond Uni21-28Easts TigersField 1Pool D
Day One5:00 pmQPIIM0-17Nations 7sField 2Pool B
Day One5:20 pmNambour Rugby17-27West BulldogsField 2Pool C
Day One5:40 pmUTS Gordon0-17BriarsField 2Pool C
Day One6:00 pmWynnum Bugs5-20Bond PiratesField 2Pool D
Day Two9:40 am6PBC Womens Social 7-21Stag 7sField 1Pool A
Day Two9:40 amBriars29-0Nambour RugbyField 2Pool C
Day Two10:00 amSunnybank Dragons20-0 (forfeit)Byron Shire Rebels Field 1Pool A
Day Two10:00 amWest Bulldogs17-10UQField 2Pool C
Day Two10:20 amNations 7s14-15TahiField 1Pool B
Day Two10:20 amEasts Tigers73-0Wynnum BugsField 2Pool D
Day Two10:40 amRichmond Range0-35Flamin GalahsField 1Pool B
Day Two10:40 amBond Pirates5-666PBC Women'sField 2Pool D
Day Two11:40 amSunnybank dragons14-33UQField 13rd Quarter Final Women
Day Two11:40 am6PBC Womens12-7TahiField 21st Quarter Final Women
Day Two12:00 pmEasts Tigers31-7BriarsField 14th Quarter Final Women
Day Two12:00 pmBond Uni29-5Nations 7'sField 22nd Quarter Final Women
Day Two1:00 pmSunnybank14-33Bond UniField 1Womens Cup Semi Final 1
Day Two1:20 pmEasts35-56PBCField 1Womens Cup Semi Final 2
Day Two2:20 pmBond Uni21-14EastsField 1Womens GRAND Final

Social Men’s Pools

Pool APool BPool CPool DPool EPool FPool GPool H
Byron Shire Rebels Stag 7s 1Stag 7s 2GPS Social Mens6PBC MensGordon SocialXRatsRichmond Range
The WilderpeopleBack Alley BattlersGrafton Red Men 2MoonshinersGators SevensPhoenixThe AardvarksObriens E and P
Seven Guys One BallMelbourne UniLions 7sBond PiratesRebelsEasts TigersSeahorsesThe Fat waymenns
CorinthiansWilly’s MenMOBGrafton Red MenAxemenRed SoilersWG DogsAverage Joes

Social Men’s Draw & Results

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DayTimeTeam 1 ResultTeam 2FieldPool
Day One8:00 amByron Shire Rebels 36 - 7CorinthiansField 2Pool A
Day One8:00 am6PBC Mens42 - 5AxemenField 3Pool E
Day One8:20 amThe Wilderpeople12 - 24Seven Guys One BallField 2Pool A
Day One8:20 amGators Sevens43 - 5RebelsField 3Pool E
Day One8:40 amStag 7s 145 - 17Willy’s MenField 2Pool B
Day One8:40 amGordon Social12 - 10Red SoilersField 3Pool F
Day One9:00 amBack Alley Battlers10 - 28Melbourne UniField 2Pool B
Day One9:00 amPhoenix52 - 7Easts TigersField 3Pool F
Day One9:20 amStag 7s 217 - 5MOB Field 2Pool C
Day One9:20 amXRats0 - 30WG DogsField 3Pool G
Day One9:40 amGrafton Red Men 240 - 0Lions 7sField 2Pool C
Day One9:40 amThe Aardvarks26 - 19SeahorsesField 3 Pool G
Day One10:00 amGPS Social Mens21 - 14Grafton Red MenField 2Pool D
Day One10:00 amRichmond Range5 - 15Average Joes Field 3Pool H
Day One10:20 amMoonshiners0 - 24Bond piratesField 2Pool D
Day One10:20 amObriens E and P24 - 5The Fat WaymennsField 3Pool H
Day One10:40 am6PBC Mens64 - 10RebelsField 1Pool E
Day One10:40 amByron Shire Rebels 17 - 5Seven Guys One BallField 3Pool A
Day One11:00 amAxemen19 - 22Gators SevensField 1Pool E
Day One11:00 amCorinthians26 - 24The WilderpeopleField 3Pool A
Day One11:20 amGordon Social36 - 7Easts TigersField 1Pool F
Day One11:20 amStag 7s 114 - 19Melbourne UniField 3Pool B
Day One11:40 amRed Soilers0 - 31PhoenixField 1Pool F
Day One11:40 amWilly’s Men27 - 5Back Alley BattlersField 3Pool B
Day One12:00 pmStag 7s 220 - 10Lions 7sField 3Pool C
Day One12:20 pmMOB 5 - 15Grafton Red Men 2Field 3Pool C
Day One12:40 pmGPS Social Mens12 - 26Bond piratesField 3Pool D
Day One1:00 pmGrafton Red Men19 - 0MoonshinersField 3Pool D
Day One1:20 pmXRats29 - 27SeahorsesField 1Pool G
Day One1:20 pmAxemen27 - 14RebelsField 3Pool E
Day One1:40 pmWG Dogs17 - 17The AardvarksField 1 Pool G
Day One1:40 pm6PBC Mens38 - 19Gators SevensField 3 Pool E
Day One2:00 pmRichmond Range24 - 7The Fat waymennsField 1Pool H
Day One2:00 pmRed Soilers17 - 7Easts TigersField 3Pool F
Day One2:20 pmAverage Joes 35 - 7Obriens E and PField 1Pool H
Day One2:20 pmGordon Social19 - 12PhoenixField 3Pool F
Day One2:40 pmWG Dogs38 - 7SeahorsesField 3Pool G
Day One3:00 pmCorinthians21 - 21Seven Guys One BallField 3Pool A
Day One3:20 pmByron Shire Rebels 24 - 5The WilderpeopleField 3Pool A
Day One3:40 pmWilly’s Men26 - 7Melbourne UniField 3Pool B
Day One4:00 pmXRats12 - 17The AardvarksField 1Pool G
Day One4:00 pmStag 7s 129 - 5Back Alley BattlersField 3Pool B
Day One4:20 pmAverage Joes 27 - 10The Fat waymennsField 1Pool H
Day One4:20 pmMOB 7 - 26Lions 7sField 3Pool C
Day One4:40 pmRichmond Range17 - 21Obriens E and PField 1Pool H
Day One4:40 pmStag 7s 20 - 29Grafton Red Men 2Field 3Pool C
Day One5:00 pmGrafton Red Men0 - 17Bond piratesField 3Pool D
Day One5:20 pmGPS Social Mens39 - 12MoonshinersField 3Pool D
Day Two9:00 amByron Shire Rebels0-20Obriens E & PField 3Final 16 - Game 1
Day Two9:20 amStag 7's 124-26AardvarksField 3Final 16 - Game 2
Day Two9:40 amGrafton Red Men 210-33PhoenixField 3Final 16 - Game 3
Day Two10:00 amBond Pirates33-19Gators SevensField 3Final 16 - Game 4
Day Two10:20 am6PBC Mens28-12GPS Social MensField 3Final 16 - Game 5
Day Two10:40 amGordon Social0-20 (forfeit)Stag 7's 2Field 3Final 16 - Game 6
Day Two11:00 amWG Dogs22-19Willy's MenField 3Final 16 - Game 7
Day Two11:20 amAverage Joes22-20Seven Guys One BallField 3Final 16 - Game 8
Day Two11:40 amObrien33-24AardvarkField 31st Quarter Final -Social Men
Day Two12:00 pmPhoenix26-0Bond PiratesField 32nd Quarter Final -Social Men
Day Two12:20 pm6PBC52-7Stag 7'sField 33rd Quarter Final -Social Men
Day Two12:40 pmWD Dogs33-10Average JoesField 34th Quarter Final -Social Men
Day Two1:00 pmObriens E & P7-54PhoenixField 2Mens Social - Semi Final 1
Day Two1:40 pmWD Dogs17-156PBC MensField 2Mens Social - Semi Final 2
Day Two2:40 pmPhoenix33-14WG DogsField 1Mens GRAND Final Social