Come and join us at the Byron Bay 7s for a sprint race with a difference!

For a bit of added fun on the Saturday of the Byron Bay 7s weekend in 2017, official apparel partner CS91 presents the Sluggers and Pluggers Challenge. All teams are invited to enter their fastest runner in a sprint race wearing togs and thongs (the footwear variety). Up for grabs is $250 to spend at the Saturday night Players Party.

Start training now, as victory will require the perfect combination of speed and plugger management. Too fast and you might blow out!

Full details are below.

Race: CS91 Sluggers and Pluggers Challenge

Distance: 50m (roughly…22m line to 22m line)

Rules:  There are always rules…

  1. Each contestant to be wearing CS91 branded sluggers, available at the event;
  2. No shorts or long pants are to be worn over the sluggers.
  3. A pair of pluggers, thongs, jandals or flip flops to be worn on the feet as would normally be worn as footwear for the entire race;
  4. Shirt, singlet or top is optional;
  5. Socks are optional, however will be consider a favourite by event organisers.

Prize: $250.00 prize money for the first over the line in full dress as per above, as determined by CS91 officials.

Registration: Register at the CS91 merchandise stand. Entry fee is just a purchase of a pair of CS91 branded sluggers.

Time of Race: Before the final game on Saturday. The prize money then can be used by the winner and his team for enjoyment on Saturday Night.

Good Luck!

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